From Canada:

Hi Dan,

This is Natalie with an update on Fred from Hazel Belle and Murphy’s May 28, 2021, litter. Fred has been living his best life in Canada and has brought me so much joy over the past 10 months. He is truly a beautiful dog with a wonderful personality. He is so sweet and affectionate and gets along with all dogs and humans. Fred generates a lot of attention wherever he goes and brings a smile to everyone who encounters him. It is never a dull moment with him as he never fails to make me laugh. He is full of personality. He is an excellent sleeper and has been from the beginning.

Fred is healthy & happy. His vet is very happy with his progress and size. I keep him active and he enjoys his walks in nature.

I look forward to my future with Fred as he is a blessing in my life. Thank you for bringing this sweet boy into my life.

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