From California:

Hi Dan, just wanted to let you know we got home safe on Thursday eve. The flight  was very bumpy, but we got back to SF finally, and our little girl was a champ all the way. United was great. You can take dog up to 20lbs on the flight with you in the cabin. The carrier worked and I followed your advice not to take her out in the airport. The guy that sat next to me on the flight let me know that on the Spotify app you can download soothing puppy music and heartbeats – and he put his phone up to her crate for the entire flight and it seemed to soothe her. We are so in love with her and her sweet, feisty self! Haven’t yet named her, but hoping to this weekend.

I just want to say thank you so much! I have had such a great experience working with you. It was wonderful coming to Indiana and seeing your dogs and the farm. I am sure I was a bit frazzled on Wednesday when we met…I haven’t had a puppy since I was a teenager, but she is amazing. Will keep you updated on her growth and our adventures! All the best,

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