Happy Basset Hound Owner Testimonials

From Oklahoma:

You come highly recommended and I know first hand how awesome your Bassets are. My daughter, Megan purchased a female Basset, Sissy, from you 2 years ago this July. Sissy is WONDERFUL!!!!
Our family has raised 8 Bassets over the years. We currently have a 4 year old Lemon Basset named Norman and we are looking to add another female lemon to our family.


From Illinois:

Hi Dan! It’s Garret and Jen…..we love our girls! Bertha and Reba love Chicago and are so spoiled!! Thank you!! We love our addition to our family.
Reba – brown ears
Bertha – black ears
Garret & Jen

From Ohio:

Recently I was introduced to Fred the basset on Instagram, originally from the U.S. and presently living in Canada. He stole my heart with his thick, lovable squishiness (what a magnificent young man! Basset perfection!) So I messaged his family to find out from where he originated. Low and beyond, he is from Sandyhill bassets! I currently have a lovely basset who makes me laugh every day and I can’t imagine life without one of these creatures. When the time comes and I am ready to add to the madness, Sandyhill will be my first call. Living in Ohio with Indiana an easy drive away (no shipping stress) makes it that much more appealing.


From Connecticut:

Hi Dan, as Boomer hits his stride I thought you might like to see some photos. He lives on the boat six months a year… he’s by far the best dog we’ve ever owned. 45lbs and holding steady. Loves the dog parks and swims a few times a week.

Brandon, Cindy, Lily, Dylan and Boomer

From Indiana:

Say hello to Storm’in Norman!! I am so thankful and happy to have added this sweet boy to our family.. My experience with Sandyhill Bassets was top notch!! He has the funniest personality and always makes us laugh.

From Michigan:

Hey Dan, thought you might like some updated pictures of Dottie. She is doing great and loves to go Kayaking! Cheers!

William and Dottie

From Connecticut:

Hi Dan, I love my pup! He’s doing great. Adjusting so well. Such a happy little guy. Quick question. My sister is looking to get a pup (she lost her 17 year old last year). Do you have more litters?

From New Mexico:

I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know how much we absolutely adore the basset we got from you, Jack London. Jack has such a sweet demeanor and is such a great family dog. I’ve included some pictures so you can see how’s he’s grown. Jack probably weighs about 45 lbs now. Some times he likes to help with the dishes, falls asleep with his bone in his mouth or steals my shoe, but we love him so much!! What a fantastic dog he is!

Ann V

From Indiana:

He is the BEST puppy I’ve ever had!!! He is totally potty trained & crate trained now. He gets along great with the other dogs. On top of that he is the funniest dog!!!


From Michigan:

Wow, are all your puppies this amazing or did we just hit the Jack Pot? 🙂 We all just love our Charlie Jo. Thanks! She is doing great with the potty training btw. Super Smart Girl!!.

From California:

Back in November 2006 you handed me the best dog in the world. He was to be a gift for my wife though we weren’t married just yet back then. I remember picking him and you gave him a bath in your garage with a tip to bathe him in warm water like you would yourself. You looked at him after drying him off and said right before handing him to me that “He’s going to be a good dog.” We named him Primo and he ended up being the best dog we could have ever hoped for and more the past 14 years 3 months and 18 days.

Primo’s no longer here as we lost him 2 days ago on Feb 18th. We were lucky that we got to spend every day of the past year with him due to the COVID19 lockdowns. He was so smart. He knew how to untangle himself from obstacles while walking on a leash. He knew when one of us had come home without seeing or hearing us by scent alone. He was with us through 5 states and many stages of our life. He was so faithful and happy all the time. He was always so tough and was active until the very end.

My wife and I felt compelled to write to you to let you know how much he meant to us and thank you for bringing something so special into the world for us.

Thank you for the bottom of our hearts,

Randy and Emily

From New York:

Happy Halloween!!! We are enjoying Nellie so much. She’s a wonderful dog and fits right in with our other 2 Bassett Hounds, Rosie and Dante. She is so special, sweet and loving. She loves going for car rides and to the beach.


From Illinois:

We can’t express how impressed we are with the pup we got from you! He has an amazing temperament and is such a quick learner and just the sweetest boy and even tempered! He is already 40 lbs and is so healthy. The woman who is teaching his puppy obedience training class raised bassets for many years and raves how beautiful he is. He is great with other dogs and kids. We’d love to possibly get a second in spring/early summer of 2022. Can I get on the list now?

Thank you so much Dan!


From Indiana:

Hello Dan,

About 15 yrs ago my wife got me a male puppy from you. I named him Dudley. Jane then soon after got me another little boy, Dutch. Dudley & Dutch were the best thing to happen to me. Good memories of riding in the back of my ’49 Jeepster to Dairy Queen for a doggie cup. People loved seeing them. Dutch got lymphoma at 8. With chemo Dutch lasted till 9. We were heartbroken. But Dudley went the distance. He died last June 23rd. He had the most wonderful life. He went with me EVERYWHERE. I miss him dearly. Dudley & Dutch had the same mom, Miss Ruby Johnson. Dudley’s dad was Governor Nelson. I don’t remember Dutch’s dad.

Anyway, I was thinking, what if I got another little one in the same bloodline as Dudley & Dutch? Maybe a little girl this summer? It would mean so much to me to know they came from Dudley’s bloodline.


From Illinois:

Hi Dan,
We are not looking for a show dog, just love bassets. Maple has turned out so well. That is the reason I am coming back to you. I’m happy to put down a deposit. Just let me know the best way. Thanks,

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