From Indiana:

Hello Dan,

About 15 yrs ago my wife got me a male puppy from you. I named him Dudley. Jane then soon after got me another little boy, Dutch. Dudley & Dutch were the best thing to happen to me. Good memories of riding in the back of my ’49 Jeepster to Dairy Queen for a doggie cup. People loved seeing them. Dutch got lymphoma at 8. With chemo Dutch lasted till 9. We were heartbroken. But Dudley went the distance. He died last June 23rd. He had the most wonderful life. He went with me EVERYWHERE. I miss him dearly. Dudley & Dutch had the same mom, Miss Ruby Johnson. Dudley’s dad was Governor Nelson. I don’t remember Dutch’s dad.

Anyway, I was thinking, what if I got another little one in the same bloodline as Dudley & Dutch? Maybe a little girl this summer? It would mean so much to me to know they came from Dudley’s bloodline.

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