Indiana Basset Hound Owner

Hi Dan,

It has been several months since we picked up our puppy. I wanted to again say thank you for all the fine work you put into your dog breeding business. My wife and I spent several weeks researching for a good Basset Hound breeder, from Wisconsin to Ohio and we decided to get a puppy from you based on the quality of your facilities, the quality of your adult males and females, how you treat the dogs and how they behave. All dogs were happy, well fed, healthy and well behaved. The indoor facilities (nursery) where the female dogs were caring for the new born puppies did not even smell!.

Attached is a picture of the boy we bought from you. The picture was taken on January 7th, the day of his birthday. His name is Chorizo and is registered as Chorizo Asturiano, which is a sausage from Asturias, the Spanish region where my wife is from. Dan, we have owned many pure breed dogs: Bichon Frise, Collies, Giant Schnauzers, Great Danes. Among all the dogs we have owned, our Basset Hound stands out as one of the most active, elegant, friendliest and healthiest. He is fantastic with kids and teenagers. And we are not surprised given how caring his mother (Darcy) was and how elegant his father looked as he ran through the fields. What can we say, we are so happy to have him and wanted you to know it.

Dan, we wish you continued success and a Happy New Year.

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