From Wisconsin:

Hi, Dan!

I just can’t stress enough how happy we are with our pup! We named him William Flash Longfellow, Willy for short. WE LOVE HIM. We’re convinced that he is the sweetest puppy in the world. He follows us around and loves to get and give affection. He sleeps all night! He eats well, plays hard, naps well, is potty training fairly easily, and has melded into our family of humans and 2 other dogs so easily. He is a celebrity in the neighborhood – LOTS of “ooo’s” and “ahhh’s” anytime someone meets him. He ran in the backyard with 10 kids last evening. I think he is even convincing a no-pet neighbor that maybe a dog would be a good idea for their kids…! (How could you resist his sweet wrinkly face and the long ears and stubby legs…?!)

I met my first basset hound when I was 15. I’ve wanted one ever since. (I’m in my 40’s – it was time 🙂 ) Willy is exactly what I’ve been searching for. So glad we found you and your pups, Dan! Thank you!

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