From Utah:

Hi Dan, I wanted to share with you a photo of my handsome boy. We took this last night. He weighs 51 pounds and is doing so well. He’s all the way potty trained and is VERY proud of himself. He is SO SMART! He sits and reasons things out and one of his favorite things to do is to climb an old fountain we have in our back yard. We have blocked it off and he keeps finding all sorts of new ways to climb up the fountain and look over the fence. My husband said he wondered if he had a bit of Mountain Goat in him? Ha ha. We will be tearing the fountain down because he simply won’t stay away from it.

HE LOVES STICKS! Brings us sticks in from outside constantly. Some of these sticks are bigger than he is and he will sit and figure out ways to get them through the doggie door. The funny thing is, is that when we tell him “NO, you can’t bring that in here.” He gives us this look and then turns around and takes the stick back outside.


I hope you don’t mind me sending you updates? I just figure you’d like to see how your beautiful puppies are doing.

Take Care and thank you for the Light of my life

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