From Indiana:

HI Dan,

I wanted to wait for a week to see how things are before I let you know about our pups. We are thrilled to report that these pups adore each other! [As you can see in the photo] Claude is now 4 months old and Dolly was 8 weeks old when we picked her up from you a little more than a week ago. Our 9 year old lab Quincy has been a wonderful big brother and only gets involved when he worries that Claude is being rough—which he never actually is. We have had zero aggression from any of our dogs.

From the moment we brought Dolly home this has been hilarious! These dogs adore each other. They sleep together, play together, and only are separate to eat. Dolly saw the vet on her second day with us and was found to be 100% healthy and happy. She weighed in at a perfect 9 pounds.

I am so happy and blessed to have these wonderful pups. Bassets are loving, friendly, and smart dogs. We took them to the park yesterday and they kissed and snuggled with countless little kids who ran to meet them.

Thank you for all you do–for the care and devotion with which you raise these wonderful pups!

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