Fran From Illinois:

Hi Dan,

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that Elmer is doing great! He had a great vet checkup. No worms, of course, and the vet said he was a great looking puppy and a fine example of the breed. He said you were the kind of breeder he wished every pup he saw came from. He has fit right into my Grandson’s life. His little brother (7) and sister (4) love him to pieces. They play so hard together that sometimes Elmer puts himself in his crate for a nap. He has been house training like a pro. Dylan has been very conscientious about taking him out and he has done extremely well. My daughter and son-in-law have always had boxers and love that breed, so I was surprised when she told me that he was “just the perfect little guy”. Tonight they sent me a picture of him lying halfway out of his crate, fast asleep. He loves going for rides in Dylan’s Bronco, and he always greets you with lots of kisses. I will gladly recommend you to anyone that is looking for a Basset. We couldn’t be any happier with Elmer. Thank you again for all your communication and the pictures every week. It helped Dylan to be patient waiting for him. I received his papers in the mail earlier this week, thank you for sending them so promptly.

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